Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Will Someone Take Charge Of Our Borders?

It's as if almost every politician in this country has left his nerve behind the door. There is an appalling silence from our elected officials in response to the border provocations by the Mexican government.

Mexico threatens to sue over use of the National Guard to provide additional manpower even though they will most likely not be used for enforcement purposes and many will not be armed.

They receive intelligence from our own Border Patrol to better direct the invasion of our country.

American citizens are kidnapped from American border cities and murdered by Mexican drug lords.

US authorities are being assaulted by illegals at an unprecedented rate by criminal aliens.

Over a quarter million criminal illegal aliens were housed in US jails and prisons last in 2003.

The US gives tens of millions of dollars every year to Mexico for border security issues and is stabbed in the back by corrupt Mexican authorities shooting at American law enforcement officials.

Mexican government officials laugh all the way to the bank with our tax dollars.

A good swift smack in the teeth will have them laughing out of the other side of their faces.

If only we could find someone in Washington with some stones.

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