Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy 4th of July

This just blew me away. A former Marine stuns a tea party rally in Douglas County, Georgia.
A conservative talk radio host, Herman Cain, is answering quesions from the crowd when the following patriotic, God-fearing vet speaks his mind.

God bless our armed forces- the men and women who serve our great Nation.

I believe we are in serious peril; deep, deep trouble as our heritage, our traditions and our liberties face extinction from a godless, liberal onslaught. Concerned Americans feel threatened and isolated during these times. We can say "In God we trust" until the cows come home but what does it accomplish if there are no actions behind our words? When it is perceived that we are in full retreat we must first stop running. In the Old Testament the way to begin the process of regeneration is thus:
Isaiah 11:12
And He will lift up a standard for the nations and assemble the banished ones of Israel, and will gather the dispersed of Judah From the four corners of the earth.

That is what that that gentlemen did in Douglas County; he raised a standard, a banner for patriots to rally under. Love of country is what binds us as a nation. Without that, we are merely another loose-knit social group that will be overwhelmed and engulfed by those who do share a vigorous national identity.

Know what you stand for. There are many diverse opinions that divide us; cling to the ones that unite us. Get involved! Vote! Volunteer to become precinct captains!

And pray for our Nation. In order for God to bless America, America must return to Him as the originator of our freedoms.


Anonymous said...

On this Independence Day, let's pledge to fight to ensure this is not our last. There are forces actively and successfully working to crush our liberty.


Anonymous said...

He really does do a great job.

sig94 said...

Nickie - absolutely! It is time for America to wake up and smell the treason!

sig94 said...

Trestin - one of my worst nightmares is to stand up in front of a crowd of strangers and sing the Star Spangled Banner in the nude completely unaccompanied by an orchestra.