Friday, May 28, 2010

Did You Plug The Hole Yet Daddy?

"Did You Plug The Hole Yet Daddy?" is what one of Obongo's daughters allegedly said to the Liar-in-Chief regarding the BP drilling platform that exploded a month ago.

But Obongo's hole plugging is also a question that some reporters may be getting interested in since other aspects of Obongo's private life are starting to percolate up from the depths just like oil from the ruined BP drilling platform. At there is reference to a story regarding a Chicago bunghole retreat that has served ChiTown's gay population for decades. This establishment allegedly served the needs of Obongo until 2002 and Eric Rahm until as recently as 2008. The assault on Kal Penn and the theft of his cell phone may also have implications for this administration.

There is more about this story at HillBuzz. Things may get very interesting for Obongo . Look for a major event to divert attention away from this. Perhaps a war with the NorKs...

I put absolutely nothing past this POS in the WH.


USA_Admiral said...

I can only hope it happens.

I don't think the Sestak thing will be going away anytime soon either.

I think he may get the feeling of what a boot on the throat actually means.

Fredd said...

You are probably right, Sig. Unfortunately. If anyone thinks that Obama is above finding a 'dog to wag,' I've got a Ponzi scheme, uh, er, I mean a Fonzi theme, yeah, that's the ticket, for them to invest in.

This guy is so crooked, he makes Richard Nixon look like Mother Theresa. Obama is such a scumbag, that the International Consortium of Scumbags has turned his application down.

I could go on, but I won't.

Subvet said...

Regarding Sestak, it looks like they're getting ready to throw Bill Clinton under that particular bus.

Let's cut to the chase, B.O. is like every other affirmative action hire. He'll have his apologists working 24/7 to convince the world that whatever happens, he ain't to blame. The next few years will be filled with such nonsense.

This will go on till 2012 (if we're lucky!) when he'll briefly sulk off into the sunset as those same apologists yap on about how racists are responsible for his tarnished legacy and failure to be reelected.

He'll reappear on the scene to bang the racism drum at appropriate times during the following years, after a while attaining the status of martyr in the eyes of many.

I'll stop now as I just ate lunch.

sig94 said...

Admiral - As long as the MSM ignores affaire d'Sestak I doubt it will grow enough legs to march to the station ans give Obongo a seat on the Impeachment Express.

sig94 said...

Fredd - I agree. There are better things to pursue other than the complete lack of moral fiber in Obongo.

sig94 said...

Subvet - it's getting awfully crowded under that bus. When it's Obongo's turn I hope it's a steamroller coming his way.