Thursday, November 05, 2009

Let's Destabilize Our Society

Looking at what just transpired in Fort Hood today, why do we allow these animals to migrate to our shores?

These people just do not blend into our society or any society for that matter. Even if they are born here, their religion teaches them that all other faiths must be brought into subservience - that's what Islam means - "Submission."

They do not become Americans, Germans, Dutch or Brits when they immigrate. They are always Muslims living amongst infidels who need to submit and they will never be anything else.

Most other group of immigrants have more or less successfully assimilated into the cultures of their adopted countries. But not Muslims.

Look at all the unbelievable hell they are raising in Europe and else where. They have trashed Paris, ransacked London, Denmark, Sweden, Greece and anywhere else where more than two of these assholes split a felafel. And they are raising hell over here.

Looking at US immigration statistics from muslim countries since the 9/11 attack, we now have 22% more muslims entering this country every year than we did in 2001.

We went from admitting 49,957 in 2001 to 61,086 last year. Since Muslim extremists attacked us seven years ago, we have let 402,000 more Muslims into our country. Who vetted these people? Many of them danced in the streets when the Towers collapsed in smoke and ash.

Many travel like gypsies from one Mideastern shithole to another; so who tracked their movements? Who determined if they had questionable associations or changed their names half a dozen times? And how do you find out if they did? It's not like Jordan or Lebanon keeps dibs on everyone crossing over from Syria and bribing poorly paid public officials is an honored custom in the Middle East.

Why would we even bother to devote investigative resources to allow them to come to this country in the first place? We do not need these people here. We do not need them in our armed forces either. There is no national shortage of 7-11 cashier clerks.

We have isolated instances of honor killings in New Jersey and other states. A young Canadian woman was murdered by her Muslim father because she refused to wear medieval headwear, an Arizona girl was run over and died - killed by her Muslim father because she had become "Westernized." A youn woman in Georgia is also strangled by her Muslim father because she wanted to divorce her husband.

Google "Muslim father kills daughter" and see what you get - 2,570,000 hits. What is really scary is that very few of these references come from news sources. It seems that the media is just not interested in reporting on Muslims killing their children.

Bush kissed Saudi ass and Obongo bowed over it. There is no justification for this.


SoCalOilMan said...

I hate all people and races equally, even my own, but this is a real WTF moment. The MSM won't mention his religion or that he shouted "allah a akbar" when killing our soldiers. The first thing you here is "this is not a terrorist attack, but we're waiting for details". Hell, they could even insert their favorite adverbs of it being an "alleged" terrorist attack, or a "possible" terrorist attack, or "unconfirmed" terrorist attack, and I would let it slide, but to ignore or hide a pertinent fact is PC run amok and I've had it.

USA_Admiral said...

I could not have put into words as well as you did.

When people have freedom, at least half of them ruin it for everyone. We are living in that state of existence at the moment.

Easily Lost said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

every year 500 kids are killed by their parents 95% of them are NOT muslims. Many of the kids that are killed by a parent died because the parent was "told" by their christian God to kill the child. Your arguments are the same ones that Germany used on the Jews, scapegoating the actions of individuals onto a whole people.

sig94 said...

Anon - Your ignorance is staggering. For someone to kill their child is contrary to biblical standards - show me in the New Testament where this is permissible, I'll give you a clue - no where.

Yet in the Koran you find plenty of commnads from Allah to kill infodels and your own children - to murder them and be praised for it. Where in the Christian world do you find justification for honor killing? Yet Sharia Law commonly emphasizes a muslim's duty to kill your relatives if they speak against Allah, convert to another religion or even are seen with an unrelated male.

No wonder you comment as anonymous, I'd be embarassed for anyone to know just how much of an idiot I was also.