Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday America

Wow. We're 232 years old today and don't look a day over 192; well maybe 198 tops.

I was going to post a copy of the Declaration of Independence today but as I was surfing I was redirected by SoCalOilMan to The O Word who has a nice patriotic blog. The Declaration can be read there.

But this post at the American Thinker caught my attention. I had forgotten that only about a third of the American colonists supported the War of Independence. Another third remained loyal to King George and the other third sat out the war on a fence.

While reading this and other pieces regarding the early birth pains of this, the greatest Country on the face of the Earth, I again am struck by the faith of these frail, fallible men - the Founding Fathers and the men of the Continental Army. Praise God for their sacrifice.

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