Saturday, August 25, 2007


This is where we've been the past week, about ten miles from the St. Lawrence river in a camp on the shore of Three Mile Bay, part of Lake Ontario. The weather hasn't been all that great but who cares. We got enough sunny days to have some fun and the rainy days we kinda just snuggled in, did some jigsaw puzzles, read books and relaxed. I did a little blogging and just relaxed.

That is not sand you see near the water. It is s solid rock shelf that extends for hundreds of yards on either side of us and out into the bay. The water is pretty shallow and the wind whips it up pretty quickly. Three Mile Bay is known for good sailboating. The harbors around here are loaded with them.

It's a two bedroom camp with a nice kitchen, dining area and sun room. The owners live next door and keep it well maintained. There was one draw back; when we had severe thunderstorms on Thursday the place leaked.

The water jugs on the refrigerator are for drinking water. You can cook and bathe with lake water but we were warned not to drink it.

We had everyone up here on Tuesday and Wednesday - it was a real blast. Had to put up a tent but my grandson and his Dad are real outdoor types and they like it that way. The dog you see, Cinders, belongs to the people next door.

We are leaving tomorrow morning but we intend to come back. If not here, then further on down the Bay near a place called Sackets Harbor.

Sackets Harbor was the most active military base in the U.S. during the War of 1812. After the end of the war, a 106-gun Ship of the Line, the USS New Orleans, remained unfinished in the ship builder's docks. It was never launched. They covered it over and it sat there for over seventy years; it was finally scrapped in 1883.

I just got back from the supermarket. I had to buy some anti-itching lotion else I'd go mad. The first five days at the lake I didn't get a single insect bite. When I woke up Saturday morning my ankles were swollen and covered with bites. Those dang mosquitoes or whatever kind of bug they were had a feeding frenzy below my knees. I just counted thirty bites on only one side of my left ankle.

Whenever there's multiple or repetitive wounds like that, there's usually some kind of sex involved. I feel sick and debased .... and so used. They may have been Anopheles clintoniae mosquitos. I'll look for stains and cigar stubs in my socks to be sure.

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No Pc said...

You should try going to Corfu, the European capital of 'Mozzies'. I had over 50 bites in 8 hours, then after they had used me as their plaything, they left me alone.

But the damage was done LOL.

TCP ointment, stopped the itching, but my pride was hurt forever!