Thursday, May 10, 2007

Virginia Says Enough

The Virginia Attorney General, Robert F. McDonnell, has sent a letter to New York City Mayor Bloomberg advising him to stop
... arming private investigators with hidden cameras and sending them into Virginia gun stores to try to make illegal buys.
This July a Virginia law goes into effect that prohibits this practice unless the local police or federal officers are part of the investigation. So Bloomberg wants to make a point by sending non-governmental contractors into another state to make illegal gun buys.

If Bloomberg is so concerned, why doesn't he use his police to do this? The NYPD are routinely involved investigating countless interstate criminal enterprises in cooperation with the feds and out of state local investigators. Why isn't he doing this now?

This is nothing but political football and an attempt to extort money by initiating civil suits against the gun dealers.

He has already been smacked down by the US Department of Justice for making these same illegal gun buys. When you start setting up people who otherwise would commit no crime, it is called entrapment. And by his illegal actions, Bloomberg endangered ongoing investigations by legitimate law enforcement officials.

several law enforcement officials said as many as eighteen active law enforcement investigations were put in jeopardy.

We call it deconfliction when cops from different agencies notify each other when they are commencing an investigation in another jurisdiction. You don't want your cops shooting at each other or wasting their time by investigating your cop who is investigating their cop. And you certainly don't want some private dick pissing all over your case without so much as a by your leave.

Bloomberg needs to get smacked again when the Virginia cops start locking up his PI's. And they'll get slapped with a felony to boot.

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